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    Urban Yoga Center has developed a series of courses based on different yoga systems. Depending on your own personal needs, our teachers can suggest the right course for you. To enjoy the maximum potential benefits, you need to attend regularly and to consistently and accurately do the exercises and practices. You’ll gradually discover the true inner you and your potential, you will relax and see life from a different perspective, and experience a spiritual and physical rebirth.

    • Yoga Lab I
    • Hatha Yoga
    • Iyengar
    • Yoga Basics
    • Kid's Yoga
    • Prenatal Yoga
    • Introduction to Meditation
    • Sthira Sukha
    • Breathe and Silence
    • Prana Flow & Yoga Nidra
    • Rest & Restore
    • Movement and Mindfulness - Teen Yoga
    • Conditioning

    Yoga Lab I

    Within a safe setting, the course aims to create a suitable space where you can unwind and come into contact with your entire potential on all levels, from the most inner to the most outer. 

    As you receive instructions during the poses (asanas) the aim is to clearly understand

    a. your connection to the line of the spinal cord

    b. the ways in which energy can flow down the central channel and

    c. how that energy expresses itself via the body. Areas that feel shut off or blocked open up to the free flow of energy and the physical body fills with strength and vitality.

    • Tools - techniques: Asanas (poses) - Pranayama (breath control)  
    • Level: Suitable for students of all levels

    Hatha Yoga

    This system is aimed at all levels, from complete beginners without any previous yoga experience to seasoned practitioners who want to deepen their understanding of the system’s basic principles. 

    Understanding how the body works, its alignment, as well as awareness and targeted use of the breathing are all studied during the course. Classes start with certain preparatory poses being performed slowly and then, using various props (such as blocks, straps, etc.) that allow you to adjust those poses to your own needs and abilities, you gradually become stronger and take up the key asanas properly aligned to enjoy maximum benefits. 

    • Tools - techniques: Asanas (poses) - Mudras (different hand positions) - Pranayama (breathing techniques) - Meditation - Props (blocks and straps)
    • Level: Suitable for all levels 


    Iyengar yoga was developed thanks to the innovative work of B.K.S. Iyengar who freed classical asanas from Indian mysticism and who -with the use of props- made them suitable for Westerners looking for a clearer understanding of what happens when practicing an asana. 

    A typical Iyengar yoga course focuses on the precision and detail of the movements, proper alignment of the asanas, studying the action and resistance of muscles essential to attain focus. Emphasis is placed on breath awareness in each pose, to intensify the experience. Through regular practice, students overcome physical and mental/emotional constraints, and develop a deep awareness of their own body, strength, control and patience, and achieve physical and mental harmony. 

    In our updated curriculum, you will find Iyengar lessons for both beginner yoga students who are taught basic positions [asanas], with the aim of developing strength, endurance and flexibility, as well as courses aimed at experienced practitioners, where more advanced asanas and pranayamas are introduced.

    • Tools - techniques: Asanas (poses) - Pranayama (breathing techniques) - Alignment techniques - Props 
    • Level: Suitable for all levels  

    Yoga Basics

    This course is an introduction to basic concepts and asanas (poses) that are used in yoga and lays the foundations for more advanced levels and for different yoga styles. 

    During practice, which is primarily aimed at beginners and seasoned practitioners who want to deepen their practice of key poses and alignment, you go through the key poses and variations on them, use body alignment techniques and sometimes the classes end with breathing techniques and meditation. The aim is to realize the connection between body and mind to help improve stability and awareness. You gradually learn new skills and techniques, and the beneficial impacts of yoga become integrated into your day-to-day life. 

    • Tools - Techniques Asanas (poses) - Pranayama (breathing techniques) - Meditation
    • Level: Suitable for all levels    

    Kid's Yoga

    The Kids' Yoga class combines play with yoga. During the hour-long class, yoga poses (asanas) done in pairs or groups are mixed with uplifting music, yoga games and lots of laughs. 

    Yoga practice helps kids feel part of a healthy, non-competitive team. This playful class ends with a brief relaxation or activities that encourage kids to shut their eyes and unwind. “Kids yoga is a great journey into the heart of kids.”

    • Tools - Techniques Asanas (poses) - Breathing techniques
    • Level: Suitable for kids aged 4 to 11

    Prenatal Yoga

    Prenatal yoga classes give you the chance to cultivate more vitality and awareness of your body now that it is home for two (or more). Gentle asanas (yoga poses) help you build mental and physical strength, resulting in the pelvic floor being released and opened.

    Using breathing, visualization and meditation techniques, you deepen your relationship with your baby, as you prepare to embrace the role of mother, and also awaken your inner calm and self-confidence. The aim is to help you feel strong throughout the entire pregnancy, while also staying connected to the spiritual side of pregnancy and childbirth. That will not only make the pregnancy more pleasant in the here and now, but will also make the birthing process easier, reducing pain and increasing the joy of childbirth! No past experience is necessary. Start at any time!

    • Tools - Techniques Gentle asanas (poses) - Breathing techniques
    • Level: No past experience is necessary. Start at any time!

    Introduction to Meditation

    This meeting is addressed to all those who would like to get familiar with the art of meditation and reap its benefits, when applied to everyday life. It is addressed to people new to meditation but also to practitioners already familiarized with other meditation methods and practices. 

    The class is structured in such a way, so that the adjustment to stillness and silence comes gradually. It contains energetic exercises of directing attention, a small part of simple somatic movement and finally meditation. We rely upon yoga techniques, Buddhist and Taoist principles and we advance, as a community, on a path to self-awareness.


    Sthira Sukha

    The name ‘’sthira -sukha’’ is inspired from the famous yoga sutra of Patanjali Sthirasukhamasanam, where the sage declares that every asana [yoga posture] should be both steady and comfortable.

    This creates a contradiction, as it requieres two diametrically opposite features of a posture, where the practicioner is invited to experience firmness (sthira) and ease (sukha) at the same time in the same position. On the one hand, firmness requires effort and discipline where, on the other hand, ease implies relaxation and softness.

    The challenge that we take on in this class is to find ourselves in a every asana unwavering, without experiencing any pain, feeling pleasantly enough so that we can focus on our breath. In that way, alertness without tension and relaxation without dullness will arise spontaneously in every posture.

    • Tools: Asanas [postures] – Pranayama [breathing exercises] – Bandhas [energy locks] 
    • Level: Suitable for students with at least one year prior experience of yoga.

    Breathe and Silence

    Our breath is the life-giving force that keeps us alive. Breathing or Prana,  gives us an inexhaustible field of continuous rhythm and sound that enriches our perception on the physical, mental and emotional level.

    In this lesson, we try to experience the vibration of breathing as a tool for understanding ourselves and our habits. For this purpose, we use breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. Suitable for any yoga level.

    • Tools – Techniques: Asanas (poses) – Breathing techniques – Meditation
    • Level: Suitable for all levels. You can start anytime!

    Prana Flow & Yoga Nidra

    This is a meditative class that combines both movement and yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep.

    It is suitable for beginners, since the movement part is soft and based on repetition, but also for advanced practitioners who would like to go deeper into their practice through observation. Prana Flow utilises music, it is a flow of asanas and focuses on energetic alignment. At the same time it is based on the philosophy that every body has an inherent wisdom and the practitioner is encouraged to tap into that, discover it, respect it and therefore cultivate self-awareness and self-confidence.

    Yoga Nidra completes the class and leads us to experience altered states of consciousness through deep guided relaxation of the body and mind. These meditative experiences can be used therapeutically for healing, as well as to enhance creativity and productivity and to improve sleep and health in general. It is a very transformative and potent yoga practice that everyone can follow and witness immediate benefits.


    Rest & Restore

    This class is suitable for everyone seeking tο balance a more active practice, release chronic stress or mental fatigue and feel true relaxation.

    Gentle positions (asanas) are supported by props (blankets, blocks, bolsters, etc) and with minimal physical effort, deep release in the connective tissue and calming of the nervous system is experienced.

    • Tools: Asanas - Pranayama - Meditation - Props
    • Level: Suitable for all levels

    Movement and Mindfulness - Teen Yoga

    Initially, we are trying to concentrate and connect with ourselves and our body, in order to quiet the mind.

    Breathing techniques allow us to achieve calmness and relaxation of the nervous system. Conscious breathing and awareness provide the space to regulate our response to stress in a calm and thoughtful way. Teenagers learn to focus on everything they have, everything they are and viewing things positively.

    Yoga positions help to develop coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. Through practice the teen learns to concentrate on the present moment, on and off the mat.

    Through guides visualization the teen learns to focus on himself by creating positive images. This opens the gate to creativity, the nervous system rebalances and stress is reduced.



    Getting inspired through different modalities and kinds of movement but especially Hatha yoga, Maria presents ‘’Conditioning’’ where all senses of our body awaken.

    The lesson aims to preserve and enhance strength, flexibility, pliability, balance, kinesthesia, proprioception [the sense of knowing where your body part is in space]. We begin with deepening ‘’physiological awakening’’, which leads to deeper awakening on all levels.

    • Tools - Techniques: Alignment techniques, use of props, breath.
    • Level: Suitable for all levels
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