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    Dr. Sylvie Martin

    Sylvie has studied acupuncture in France and holds a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, delivered by the French National Federation for Traditional Chinese Medicine, a member of the European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association.

    Through extensive studies with Jacques Pialoux (acupuncture, energy work, the Indo-tibetan energy system), and her own practice of meditation, Sylvie has learned to practice acupuncture without needles. Sylvie has lived in China for 15 years and teaches acupuncture and meditation in Chinese, English, and French, both in China and in France. She is also Co-founder of Acupuncture Without Borders – China, the Chinese branch of Acupuncture Without borders, an NGO offering free acupuncture training in developing countries to improve local healthcare.


    1989-1990: Acupuncture studies at SFERE (Société Française d’Etude et de Recherche en Energétique – Aix-en-Provence, France); school diploma obtained in 1993.

    1993: DATC (Diplôme d’Acupuncture Traditionnelle Chinoise – Diploma in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture), delivered by the French National Federation for Traditional Chinese Medicine (FNMTC: Fédération Nationale de Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise), a member of the European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association.

    1995-2000: multiple training sessions with Jacques Pialoux, including acupuncture without needles, meditation, Indo-Tibetan energy system

    Professional Activities

    Acupuncture practice (treatment without needles). Private practice since 1994.

    Practice in the following institutes and clinics: Oriental Intercultural Medical Center, Beijing; Xi He Tang TCM Clinic, Shanghai; Orange Room Yoga and Wellness Center, Shanghai.

    Since 2017: private practice in Sion (Valais), Switzerland.

    Classes and lectures

    2006 – 2013: monthly lectures on Chinese medicine for Pékin Accueil, a French-speaking women’s association in Beijing.

    2008 – 2009: monthly lectures on Chinese medicine for the Yin Yang Center in Beijing.

    2010 – 2011: monthly lectures at the Orange Room Yoga Training Center in Shanghai; topics include Chinese medicine, the Indo-Tibetan energy system, and meditation.

    2010 – 2011: Acupuncture classes in Beijing for French medical and paramedical professionals.

    2007 – 2013: Acupuncture instructor at Shanghai Insight Ancient Chinese Medicine Institute

    2012 – 2013: Acupuncture instructor at Zheng An Clinic in Beijing

    Since 2013: Acupuncture instructor at ZiDaoJingShe in Shanghai; acupuncture instructor for the Waldorf School and Anthroposophical center in Beijing.

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