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    • DOS & DONT'S
    • NEW TO YOGA?
    • FAQ
    • Please pay attention to the following points if you are coming to a class:
      • Please turn up 10-15 minutes early so you can prepare in time and relax.
      • Upon arrival, show your membership card in reception and give your name.
      • Turn off your mobile phone and leave it in the changing rooms, along with all your personal effects.
      • Be quiet and talk in hushed tones when getting ready and during the class, so you can relax and concentrate. 
      • Take off your shoes before entering the room. 
      • Please keep the place clean and if you borrow one of the school’s yoga mats, put it back in its place before leaving.
      • Make sure you come on an empty stomach. You should have eaten your last full meal at least 3 hours before the class. 
      • Turn up regularly, at least 2-3 times a week to enjoy the maximum possible benefits and advance your practice. 
      • Tell the teachers about any health problems before the class so they can provide you with suitable guidance.
      What to avoid:
      • Don’t wear perfume, cologne or body creams during the class so that the air remains fresh. However, make sure you are clean, since you’ll come into contact with a lot of people in the same space. 
      • Avoid being late or interrupting the class, and respect the other participants.
      • Avoid drinking coffee before class.
      • Don’t go overboard when practicing; instead, listen to your body and respect your boundaries.
    • Tips for new yogis and yoginis
      Consistency is the key

      Starting out on your inner journey to self-awareness, to acquire physical and mental balance and harmony, you need to learn that the secret to maximising yoga’s beneficial properties lies in regular practice. Turning up for class diligently, consistently and in a disciplined manner at least 2-3 times a week, will allow you to experience impressive results on both body and mind.

      As you take your first steps you should be aware of the points below:   

      1. Respect your limits

      Your body speaks to you and you need to listen, to cooperate with it. You should be patient and test your limits while respecting your body. Don’t overdo it when practising; gradually grow and develop as you experience the increasingly more harmonious flow of vital energy and its beneficial results on the body and mind. 

      2. Wear comfortable clothes and attend to your personal hygiene 

      Being able to move easily is vital when practising yoga. So you need to opt for comfortable, preferably cotton, clothes that let the skin breathe. Don’t wear strong perfumes or jewellery or socks. Always attend to your personal hygiene before attending class out of respect for others who will be sharing the same room. 

      3. Accept your emotions 

      As you release the day’s accumulated tension and stress as well as negative thoughts during the class, positive energy will flow through your body. In some cases, that provokes feelings of relief or you feel moved. Accept it and experience it. You will feel truly rejuvenated.

      4. Turn up for class on time

      The teachers will be there before each class to get to know you and for you to get to know them better, to listen to any concerns about yoga practice. Having become familiar with its beneficial properties and its true philosophy, they will give advice and act as mentors.

      5. Experiment by attending different classes

      During your first steps on the path to self-awareness and self-therapy through yoga, you need to start with simple courses, without going over the top. Talk to your teachers and if your level permits, experiment with attending classes in different yoga styles by different teachers, to find out what works best for you. 

      6. You never stop learning

      Even experienced yogis discover something new in each new practice, gradually develop on an endless journey to explore their inner world, and achieve increasingly better levels of health and mental acuity. That happens gradually, and each class is a step in that direction. 

    • Can someone who has never exercised do yoga?

      Of course. Yoga is aimed at everyone, even those who have never done any exercise. Your body type, flexibility and physical strength aren’t important and yoga is also ideal for anyone with musculoskeletal problems. 

      How will I know what type of yoga suits me?

      Depending on your age, physical condition and personal needs, we will suggest the right course to help you find the spiritual and physical harmony and balance you are looking for.

      Are there age limits depending on the yoga style or level?

      The courses are offered irrespective of gender, age and physical condition. Yoga’s benefits are so important that special courses have even been developed for kids aged 4 and over! 

      What do I need to bring with me?  

      You don’t need special equipment or special clothes. You can use the communal yoga mats we have at the school or bring your own. Also, don’t forget to bring a small face towel and a bottle of water. Urban Yoga Center has changing rooms and showers so you can shower after the end of the class (we don’t offer bath towels though). 

      What clothes are suitable? 

      Clothes are suitable if they are comfortable and allow you to move easily, so you feel relaxed and can do your exercises properly without getting cold and without overheating. Go for cotton leggings and t-shirts or sleeveless vests. 

      How long do classes last and how often should I attend to see changes in my body and state of mind?

      Classes last from 75 to 90 minutes without breaks. It’s very important that you attend regularly, that you come to at least 2 classes a week as standard. Gradually, by regularly attending you will notice changes in your body, your weight, as well as in your flexibly and mood, sleep and overall outlook.

      After how many beginners’ classes can I move up to the next level?

      There’s no doubt that each body is unique, and everyone advances in their own way. By regularly and consistently attending, you will acquire flexibility, strength and endurance and will be able to do more demanding exercises. The teachers will always be there for you, to recommend the best course for you.

      Under what circumstances is yoga not recommended?

      It’s not recommended in the event of serious injuries that require a period of rest and recovery free of exercise. The Urban Yoga Center team will give advice that takes account of your background and needs. 

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